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TSW General Information

TSW has been up since 2010 with its anniversary on the 22nd of November. Throughout the time of TSW there have been countless battles and many disbansions but we have always rised up to fight again.

For an overview of our clans History you can go Here.


In TSW there are three divisions as well as some other possibilities.


Commander: Im Awesome CGH, DislikedPenny

The Marines are the main defensive force that is used to protect our forge created bases in Raids and training.

The Marines also move up in large groups using UNSC and vehicles to assist in taking and holding positions around the map.

Junior Enlisted

PVT : Private

PFC : Private First Class

LCPL : Lance Corporal

CPL : Corporal

Non Commissioned Officer

SGT : Sergeant

SSGT : Staff Sergeant

GSGT : Gunnery Sergeant

MSGT : Master Sergeant

1SGT : First Sergeant

SGTM Sergeant Major

WO1 : Warrant Officer Grade 1

WO2 : Warrant Officer Grade 2

WO3 : Warrant Officer Grade 3

WO4 : Warrant Officer Grade 4

WO5 : Warrant Officer Grade 5


2LT : Second Lieutenant

1LT : First Lieutenant

CPT : Captain

MAJ : Major

LCOL : lieutenant Colonel

COL : Colonel

BGEN : Brigadier General

MGEN : Major General

LGEN : Lieutenant General

GEN : General

Leader of the Marines

META: Marine Commander


Custom 1250943859386 ODST Firefight RallyPoint-Day 01
Commander: iPenguinRoar

ODST's are the offense force that moves up to take enemy or nuetral positions.

This division charges up and takes a position then holds the said position until Marine reinforcements arrive.

ODST Ranking System

Junior Enlist.

1.Private (PVT)

2.Private Grade 2 (PVT2)

Non Commissioned Officers.

3.Lance Corporal (LCPL)

4.Corporal (CPL)

5.Sergeant (SGT)

6.Staff Sergeant (SSGT)

7.Warrant Officer (WO)


8.Lieutenant (1LT)

9.Captain (CAPT)

10.Major (MAJ)

11.Colonel (COL)

12.General (GEN)

Spartan IV's

E32012 Halo-4 Spartan-Ops-1
The SIV's are the top division in our clan and as such they are used specifically for there offensive capabilities.

These Spartans do not attack just to hold a position they move even further charging right into enemy territory to give the other divisions time to set up a defensive point in the encampments that our SIV' wipe out along there path.

Not for the faint of heart.

Spartan IV Ranking System

The SIV's do not have a specific ranking structure, instead they just change there service-tag to S and then 3 random numbers such as Master chiefs S117 or my S112 or another spartans S364